Our purpose is to encourage business people in Romania to use bicycles for their  daily trips to the office.

Junior Chamber International Bucharest, the initiator of the project, will organize events, meetings and workshops in order to raise awareness of the advantages of using bicycles.

We believe that  the bicycle is a very pleasant and efficient means of transportation to the office.  We will also strive to find solutions to improve the conditions of cycling in Romania.

If you are already a fan of bicycles, you are a busy businessman or businesswoman you should definitely  join our initiative. If you`re not sure if it is safe enough to cycle in Romania you should also be close to our activities, as we intend to identify the right means to improve the infrastructure  which enables us to safely use  this nice invention.

We want to work together with you in identifying the means of creating better conditions for cycling in Romania, in order for it to become as popular as it is in other developed European countries.

If our initiative is appealing to you, please forward this information to your contacts and help us connect with a critical mass of targeted people for our future events, activities and projects.